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Jiffy Lube® Casa Grande, AZ

An important first step in vehicle maintenance in the desert is to find an expert to care for your car that understands the region. Jiffy Lube® loves your car as much as you do and Jiffy Lube's certified auto technicians understand the preventive maintenance your car needs for the Arizona climate. Feel free to browse around and learn more about how to take care of your car.

At Jiffy Lube we do far more than just oil changes. Our Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change is a thorough inspection of your vehicle's fluid levels and components. Jiffy Lube offers a large variety of automotive services from filter changes and transmission services, to serpentine belt replacement and now offering tires and tires repair services, plus brakes and diagnostic services in select locations.  You can count on Jiffy Lube to help keep your car on the road.  And with convenient Jiffy Lube locations throughout the general area, you can always find one near you!

Being part of your community means we work even harder to offer nothing but top-notch, quality products and services. After all, you're more than just our customers, you're our neighbors.

Heartland is a member of the Sun Capital portfolio.

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